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for redesigning your life without breaking 

the bank


Do you need a

life 'do-over', 

but are worried about the time and money

it takes to start from scratch?

Based on the principles in the ebook: DO-Over: How to Redesign Your Life to Get What You Really Want

Ashe Woodward will guide you through the actual steps for  making changes to get the life you truly desire

  with little or no money and no wasted time!

What we'll cover:

  • THE EXACT STRATEGIES Ashe and her clients have used to successfully start over without wasting time OR money
  • How you can personally apply the strategies to your situation immediately to see results
  • How to best use the skills you already have to make your next move
  • How to be a better decision-maker from now on, so you always move forward confidently

 When I had just turned  30 I was making a lot of changes, a lot of mistakes and poor decisions.

I was wasting time and money trying to find out what 


Then, in a desperate moment, I realized how I could start over - and how I could do it with confidence!

I wrote "Do-Over" about my experience and now I share the ideas with others. These simplified steps really are the key to avoiding overwhelm or getting stuck where you are.

Join the webinar as I take you through how you too can save time and money and make decisions to create the life you're dreaming of. [And I'll actually show and tell - no teasing, I promise!]

See you there,


Author, Speaker

Your host, Ashe Woodward

Ashe is amazing at what she does and inspired me to live big as well. She knows how to get to our real issues that block us from our truest potential and shows you how to get there step-by-step. I recommend her wherever I go. I think I'm her biggest fan.

Lindsay, Toronto

Happy people :)

I knew coaching with Ashe was right from the very first session. It was amazing how she knew exactly how to call me out on my fears and how I'd been playing small and not letting myself be as successful as I could be.

Michelle, Ottawa

Jiajian, Paris

Just to say thanks to Ashe for creating the occasion to talk about our planning and to find out we're not alone! And thanks for so many tips to achieve my goals!

Looking for more out of life than just #adulting?

You might need a do-over.

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